Jupiter, FL: Today, Lauren Baer for Congress launched a new website–BrianMastIsToxic.com-highlighting the sitting Congressman’s anti-environmental voting record. The website will countdown to election day, featuring a different anti-environmental vote each morning.


“Florida 18 can’t afford an election-year environmentalist who panders to the big polluters who line his campaign coffers and only pays attention when his poll numbers are down,” Lauren Baer said. “Brian Mast is talking a big game of late, but the people of our community deserve to know his real record when it comes to the environment: cutting funding for the EPA, allowing pesticides to be dumped into our water, rolling back environmental protections, and slashing investments in renewables. Our environment is on life support, and our water has gotten worse on Mast’s watch. It’s time to elect a representative who doesn’t only fight for our water when there’s something personal to gain.”